App Alert: Card Table

Ah, summertime in the Philippines.  I remember spending long nights in the inner barangays kicking the shit, getting low quality tattoos, watching my buds get wasted, and playing pusoy with a soggy set of cards.  Those were the great days and I’m not sure if times have changed much back home, but technology certainly has.  Need a deck of cards but no Mini-Stop in the area or you’re missing a Queen of Hearts to complete the 52?  This is a great app that you and your pals should all be armed with.  Whether it’s hanging around sitting on cinder blocks killing time or you’re in Boracay for a Holy Week trip, someone needs to be in charge of the baraja, and this app is an essential.

Card Table App

Card Table is an iOS app for both iPad and iPhone that lets you and up to three of your friends play your favorite card games with a virtual deck of 52 cards. You need an iPad to run the game and an iPhone touch for each player. The iPad acts like a card table, and is home to the deck of cards. Players keep their cards on their iPhone, which becomes their virtual hand. Players can send cards between the Card Table (the iPad) and their hands (their iPhones).  Connect the devices via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Card Table App for iOS

The best of all, this app is FREE!  I’m not sure if you can sync your online mobile banking to the game and pay off your bets, but either way, go get Card Table!





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