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Basketball’s Sexual Innuendos

It’s a gift that keeps on giving.  I’m sure many of you, like me, have thought how incredibly explicit basketball terms can be.  I can’t think of another sport wherein the terms, both formal and official terminology, as well as the broadcasters jargon, are as sexually graphic as hoops.  Some phrases take a little effort and imagination, while others are just straight raunchy.  So I took to Twitter to ask you all, what are some of your favorite #BasketballSex terms?

Here are my ten favorite, mixed in with some your tweets.  Let the hilarity ensue.

1. “They’re banging down below.” — When big men slam bodies against each other in the paint.  The players are getting physical.

2. Man to Man. — A style of defense wherein the defender follows his assigned player around the court.

3. Facial. — A prolific score or single play performed in the presence of tight D (lol).

4. Between The Legs. — denotes putting the ball between your legs.  How else can I explain that?

5. Two Minute Warning. — An announcement when there are two minutes left in a quarter.

6. Backdoor Entry or Backdoor Pass. — When a player without the ball gets behind the defense and receives a pass for an easy score.

7. “Going strong to the hole.” — An aggressive offensive move toward the basket.

8. “Jack off the bench.” — When Cleveland Cavaliers reserve guard Jarrett Jack enters the game.

9. Tip in. — On a missed shot wherein the ball is still close to the rim, one of the players on offense “tips” the ball into the rim.

10. Ball handling. — Dribbling the ball.

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Can you think of anymore? Put them in the comments section!