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What’s The Baddest Thing You’ve Done During Holy Week?

Here’s another topic from today’s radio show that I’d like to put out here for discussion.  It’s Holy Week and though we are reminded constantly by our folks and church mates to recognize the meaning and importance of these days…

Crazy Ass Dionisia

You Have A Crazy Religious Parent

This doesn’t mean that your mom is crazy, or it might, but in our country, we certainly have a few of the elders that are hardcore! One of the biggest stories, if not the biggest, from Manny Pacquiao’s impressive showing…


How Did You Like GOT’s Season 4 Premiere?

It had everything that we expected: Boobs, full frontals, finger sucking, bi-sexuality in the brothels, attempts at incest, Sansa sad, dragons disobeying, and a strong first impression by Prince Oberyn Martell.  It also had a series high amount of viewers…


Topic: You Purchase Items Because Celebrities Use Them

I read an article this week about Korean actress Jeon Ji-Hyun and her immense influence on sales of a certain lipstick.  Jeon uses a coral-based pink lipstick made by Yves Saint Laurent on her TV show My Love From Another…