Review: The Chekhov by Chrome Industries

So your tito keeps borrowing your clutch bag for his night on the town and it’s pissing you off, but you just can’t say no.  My suggestion: Cut ties with the bag and get yourself something that is jeje-resistant and a DOM repellent. Enter, the Chekhov from Chrome Industries.

Let me start by saying that I freakin’ love this bag.  It carries more than enough man gear and it doesn’t make you look like a pussy in the process.  I can EASILY fit a fresh from payday wallet, a cellphone and charger, point and shoot camera, shades in its case, pack of mints, a rolled up light jacket, and oil control film for my face (kidding!), DO NOT ruin the look of this bag by carrying oil control film.

Chekhov Silver v4 Review

The generous load space secures nicely with a roll top and heavy duty Velcro, keeping your belongings safe from sly thieves.  It can be worn across the hip but trust me, you don’t want to do that.  This bad boy looks fantastic across the body with the iconic Chrome seatbelt buckle sitting on your chest.

Chrome has been making some awesome bags for nearly 20Chekhov Silver v3 Review years.  While they are used best for bike messengers, their stuff gets tons of street cred because they are functional and are of excellent build.  I don’t think Chrome will ever admit to being a fashion bag, but I’d buy the Chekhov on looks alone.  Check out my video review for a closer look, but I’ll tell you right now, of all the bags I have in my collection, this is easily my everyday choice.

Made in the U.S.A.

Limited stock, priced at $110 at Chrome.