You Have A Crazy Religious Parent

This doesn’t mean that your mom is crazy, or it might, but in our country, we certainly have a few of the elders that are hardcore!

One of the biggest stories, if not the biggest, from Manny Pacquiao’s impressive showing against Timothy Bradley was that Manny’s mom was sitting near ringside armed with a rosary and prayers, acting (I’m putting it nice here) “strange.”  She didn’t just look like she was praying, she looked like she was casting spells, middle finger or double fingers out pointing at the ring.  It got so “crazy” that the pay-per-view broadcast had her on split screen while the fight was on!

Fucking nuts.

But Mommy Dionisia isn’t alone.  You might have a parent just like her.  Tell about me about your own version of Mommy D!


  1. Eel Ectric

    I dont think theres anyone just like her.. shes a class of her own in what she does. Awesome faith.. Hands up to Manny he doesnt do anything stupid to humiliate or to make her feel disrespected.. even when she went up to the ring and congratulated Tim for losing.. lol

  2. Yes, you are so nice in calling her “strange” and sadly, she is not alone in this. The epitome of faith-gone-bad. I have an uncle who proudly told me that someone spoke ill of him and he “prayed” to God that this guy should be punished. The guy had a motorcycle accident a few weeks after and lo and behold, my uncle “rejoice” in the lord. Fucking Sick.