Fixed On This: Viks Bikes

I’ve been a fixed gear rider for about 9 years now and just this past week, I put together a cruiser (I’ll blog about it next week) which I’m thrilled about! I have been asked on several occasions by readership to recommend a good fixie for those to want to give this style of cycling a shot.  I put my fixie together by buying parts from different bike shops in Paris, Rome, San Francisco, and Amsterdam over a span of 6 months, eventually having all those parts assembled and finished at a shop in London.  I wanted the bike to act as a personal passport of some sort, getting a part here and a part there through my travels and eventually having a bike that had some sentimental value to me.

But to answer your question, if I could recommend a manufacturer, I have one in mind.  A company out of Estonia makes an incredibly unique fixie that has had me drooling for months now, and I am tempted more each day to pull the trigger and get one of these.  They’re called Viks and I’ve never seen anything like it.  What makes Viks bikes so different is that they are made from two identical pieces of steel tubes that forms its frame.  What you get is an extremely stylish and streamlined look that will definitely turn heads!

Off the bat, it does seem like the bike will weigh a ton considering it’s two steel frames put together to make the body — though I think most people are going to purchase this for its style than its function.  I’d love to get my hands on one of these for a review but if I’m already worried about the weight, what more the price!  Bikes in Europe are never cheap, and something like this screams considerable coin.  The good news is they have distributors in Hong Kong that may help ease the burden on shipping costs.  Check out Viks here.