GTWM 35 Million Podcast Downloads

Good Times with Mo: The Podcast Hits 35 Million Downloads!

GTWM Podcast Ramon BautistaThis week I launched Season 3 of the GTWM Podcast and the numbers are in!  The show has averaged 10 million downloads per year since I started it in 2011, and as the early returns come for Season 2, GTWM is now at 35 million downloads — an increase by 5 million of our yearly average — and by far, the most downloaded online program in Philippine history.

So as we now are confirmed to run for at least another year, I’d like to thank you all for being such a big part of the success.  What is most impressive is how high it has ranked on iTunes, not just in the Philippines, but in many other countries.  I appreciate every single phone call we get from countries that I can only dream to visit.  I am thrilled to hear from Filipinos throughout the country, staying up late on weeknights to share their lives with me.

GTWM Podcast Iza CalzadoAlso, I’d like to thank the co-hosts that are with me so often on the show.  From Bianca Valerio, Carlos Celdran, Kat Alano, and Angelicopter, to all the celebrities that make themselves available to give advice to our callers or to play a bit of Forbidden Questions.

From Day 1 of this whole Podcast movement, since I started conceptualizing and putting this together in 2010, I have always said how much I’d love to see more Filipinos put an online show together.  GTWM was pretty much alone in those years, explaining to people what a Podcast is and how to get celebrities and sponsors to embrace this as a viable option to promote their product.  Now, it being 4 years later, seeing so much variety and selection out there gives me a warm feeling inside.  Let’s continue to put out material!  You don’t have to have an impressive infrastructure, just have fun and bring interesting material to your audience.  And if you decide to go up against my time slot, all I ask from you is to BE ORIGINAL. Yes, I’m talking about you, guys. LOL. Thanks again for what has been such an amazing run.  Thank you to the staff at Battle Axe to NMF for the work they put in these years.  We are not going to win awards for our product, I already know that because of who are and what our show is, but we have something special here, and it has been special before everyone knew what it even was.