The Good Times With Mo Podcast (GTWM)

Good Times With Mo PodcastOn weeknights, I host Good Times with Mo: The Podcast! It was one of the first podcasts introduced in the Philippines and luckily, it is still the top downloaded podcast in the Philippines.  We have also cracked the top ten in most downloaded podcast (in its category) in many countries, including the U.S., Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada and all across the Middle East.  My first season alone gained over 20 million downloads and come 2014, we will be starting Season 3!

GTWM Podcast is an interactive call-in advice program that airs between 9:30pm-11:30pm PH time.  We take calls from all across the country and world.  You can reach me during those hours at (02) 478-7954 or via Skype: thegoodtimespodcast.  We even take text questions at 09272141981.  Each episode, our Caller of the Night will get a chance to win a variety of prizes that include the latest iPhones and iPads, and even gift packs from other sponsors.  Stream us live over the New Media Factory website!

If you have yet to listen to an episode of the Podcast, feel free to subscribe via iTunes (it’s free), watch us on YouTube or download the episode here on my site.

Below are some notable episodes for you to feast on.  Enjoy! And to the millions that have downloaded Good Times with Mo: The Podcast, maraming salamat.



  1. Mhel

    Hey Mo! Been listening to your podcasts for a while and I thought it was really cool and liberating kinda stuff. I really liked it. I just wanna suggest if you could squeeze top ten best podcast by season. That’s pretty cool. Ellen’s my all-time favorite 🙂 Love you Pico! :))

  2. Hi, i listend to this bcoz of my ofcm8.. it was funny & realistic in anyway. I tried to call but to no avail. hope this wil get to u. I listnd to all d advice dat u hv to gv. To d worst dat i cant evn imagin dt can hapen in real life. But none of thosr relate to me.. hope to hear from u soon.

  3. Raven

    Mo thanks! You are awesome! I didn’t know or even expected you to be that fuckin’ awesome until I got the chance to talk to you over gtwm and got the best advice….many people told me I should just keep my feelings locked up and just look fr someone else to get in to a relationship with since I talked to you abt my feelungs towards a close friend but you, you told me I should confront my feelings and just let it all out…I have been wanting to do so but when I heard someone thinks that I should do it, when I heard you saying I should go and let him know full blast how I feel towards him, it makes it conrete and legit, and that’s what I’m gonna do…thanks again Mo you’re awesome!