Holy Grail: Budnitz Bicycles

I’ve been waiting several months to blog about this bike.  The reason being is I was hoping that my site entry on it would be a review instead of just a “Hey, I saw this bike online and wanted to share it with you all.”  It’s been quite sometime that I’ve had my eyes on Budnitz bicycles and after months of trying to make the finances work for a purchase, I just can’t seem to get ends to meet.  Yes, they’re expensive.  And for all the shit the brand takes from some in the online bike culture, Budnitz is still my Holy Grail of city/commuter bikes.



My fascination with the brand starts with the design and materials.  According to the company, Budnitz creates the lightest, fastest, and most elegant bikes in the world.  I know a ton of bike enthusiasts that would get angry at reading such a bold statement, but in my opinion, it may not be that far from the truth.  To be honest, I’ve only seen one in person and I have yet to ride it, so I’m not going to pretend to be an authority here.  I can though vouch for its looks and I’m telling you, it’s fucking gorgeous.

Budnitz sports a generous amount of titanium parts in their high-end options that make the bike as strong as steel, yet very light — with the Ti frame coming in at only 3.2 pounds.  They’re also carbon belt driven, instead of the tradition chain, which makes for a cleaner and quieter ride. budnitz-0

Many of the reviews I’ve read online praise Budnitz Bicycles for its smooth, fast, and fun ride while never forgetting to mention that it draws a lot of attention from onlookers.  Its harshest criticisms are almost always entirely related to the price of the bike because it is rather steep.  For the souped-up bike that I have chosen based on my likes, I’m looking at a $7,000 purchase!  That costs more than my goddamn Vespa.


N3_Honey_Bars_BudnitzSo who in their right mind would buy a bike like this?  Well, he/she is likely a young buck with a lot of cash and a strong taste for the finer things in life.  He could be a hardcore cycling enthusiast or just a poser on a bike, but one thing is undeniable, he/she will be pedaling in the best looking ride in the city.  Check out the whole lineup of Budnitz Bicycles on their site, including limited edition Mountain bikes and Fat Tire bikes.

I’m giving myself a year to get my hands on this thing.  I know in the process of selling some personal items to save for it, I will be coming across review after review saying it’s overpriced.  But I have seen other big name bikes out there that offer inferior materials with no reviews from reputable sources, that still charge a lot more.  I know I won’t be swayed by anyone in my desire to get one, but the only the thing that keeps me from the Holy Grail is the bank account.





  1. Joel

    Hi mo ! Read your bike review , if you have any fine stuff that you would be selling … Please let me know , you have great taste and I know that you take good care of your stuff !