Hoodie Delights!


It’s spring here in the U.S., just about the last chance for you rock that hoodie.  Though I know it’s summer in the Philippines, that’s never stopped one of you trying-hards from pulling out a hoodie in the name of sweaty fashion.  So, here are three that I came across this past week that just might be up your alley.

1. The Twisted Hoodie from Scotch & Soda



Twisted Hoodie from Scotch & Soda


Starting at 90 Euros, its hefty price tag is what is delaying me from pulling the trigger on this one, but the more I look at, the more I gotta have it.  This brand out of Amsterdam has done this right with its twisted, funnel hood.  If the low cowl or dropped collar is too puss for you, I suggest you grab one of these.


Twisted Hoodie from Scotch & SodaTwisted Hoodie from Scotch & Soda



2. The International Hoody by 10Deep


International Hoodie


It certainly takes a lot of confidence or an abundance of geek to pull this hoodie off, but I love it.  As a geography nut, when I saw this, I had to put an order in.  The Brooklyn based 10Deep has a ton of street cred, so don’t worry about people talking shit about your style.  I’d be more worried about the girls sticking tacks on your sweater, giving hints about all the places they’d like to travel with you.  Sells for $114 at 10Deep.


International Hoodies



3. Light Up Hoodies by ElectricMVMT


Light Up Hoodies by ElectricMVMT


We have all seen those music activated LED T-shirts that light up like an equalizer.  Yes, they’re super cheesy (though I own the sunglasses equalizer one, which I’ve never worn!) but if you HAVE TO have clothing that lights up, then you might as well go subtle. The zip up hoodie has an electroluminescent rope that runs alongside the zipper and around the brim of the hood. No batteries required!  May even be used to add safety to night runners.  Starts at $69.  Note: I was sent this hoodie for review last week and will have that review up on this site soon.


Light Up Hoodies by ElectricMVMT