DeAndre Jordan Dunks on Brandon Knight

Interview: DeAndre Jordan

It’s difficult to say which part of the dunk was most impressive.  What is the elevation? The ferocity of the throw down? Was it the fact he reached back using his off hand or the loud thump his victim made when he hit the floor?

I usually am not one to make a big deal about a dunk because I find only a few of them truly impressive.  However, the one that DeAndre Jordan threw down on March 10, 2013 against Brandon Knight and the Pistons will live on with me for a very long time.

I sat down with DeAndre recently to talk about one thing, one question.  To take us back to what happened one year ago today.

Mo: DeAndre Jordan, thanks for taking time out to answer a big question for my blog. 

DeAndre: You’re welcome, sir.  I hope you’re doing well.

Mo: I am! Listen, it’s creeping up on the one year anniversary of your vicious dunk on Brandon Knight.  Do you still think about that day?

DeAndre: (laugh) There’s an anniversary?

Mo: Dude, it was one of the biggest dunks of all-time.  Tell the story to us first-hand.

DeAndre: Man, honestly, it should have happened in the play before that.  I think Chris (Paul) got a layup or something happened like that, something happened.  The next possession, Chris was like, ‘Hey, I’m throwing it.  I don’t care where you are, I’m throwing it.’  I said alright and so we were coming down, he kind of looked at me to go, and I went, and sure enough he threw it.  I didn’t see Brandon until I caught the ball and we hit bodies and I was like, “Oh shit!” and it happened all so fast, and I kinda felt bad because of how hard he hit the ground.  And I wanted to check on him, that’s why I looked down.  I wasn’t looking over him, like doing anything demonstrative, but I was looking down at him to check on him to see if he was okay and then Chris pushed me, and when Chris pushed me, I just blacked out and everything for like 15 seconds.

Mo: Brandon was such a great sport about it.

Brandon Knight TweetDeAndre: Yeah, he was a great sport, a great sport about it.  Some other people would be assholes about it, but he tweeted something like ‘It wasn’t in the scouting report that the Clippers threw lobs’ and that’s perfect man, you know what I mean, you making fun of yourself so it kinda makes people, not forget about it, but stay off of you a little more even though social media went crazy about it but I commend Brandon, he took it in stride, that was good.

Mo: Do you think that making the free throw after the dunk was just showing off at that point?

DeAndre: (laughs) Yeah, probably.

Mo: Thanks for the time, sir.

DeAndrew: You’re welcome!


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