Interview: Marc Fitt

Quick marc-fitt-interviewMo: Marc, it’s that time of the year wherein a lot of people who made New Year’s resolutions to get in shape are probably starting to fail.  What’s the best way to keep people going if you’re hitting the gym for 2014?

Marc: I would say targeting small goals in the beginning. Nothing like thinking you can lose 100lbs in a month or something like that.  Just going to the gym and start your routine, and don’t go on a diet where you cut everything out.  Just start with little steps.  I think that’s the best advice I can give to someone who wants to go to the gym.

Mo: I follow you on Twitter, and when you’re working out, you treat the weights like they committed a crime against you — tweets like “I’m gonna murder you, weights.” Is that the mindset in the gym?  Are you angry?

Marc: Maybe not angry, but when I’m in the gym, it’s like my battleground.  So it’s where I can improve myself and I just want to give everything every single time, and it yields results so you have to put yourself in that kind of mood to get results.  When it’s your passion and you just love working out, I guess it comes with it.

Mo: Marc, you have a vein on your abs, man. What’s that about? I’ve never seen that before.

Marc: (laughs) The vein is different for everybody.  Some people have it, some people have not; when you have a little belly fat, you kind of see them more.

Mo:  You’re not just a fitness trainer or fitness guy. You also do modeling. Is that desirable in the modeling world [a lot of veins].  It is kind of cool, but at the same time it’s so unique. I’ve never seen it.

Marc: Yeah, some people say it’s gross.  But it depends on the shoot or the company you will do the shoot for.  It’s only when I’m pumped that you see the veins, if I’m not, you don’t see them, or you see them less.

Marc Fitt InterviewMo: There are certain muscles that are very trendy; one year its abs that’s the big thing, then the next year it’ll be different. Do you see this every year, something new every year popping up?

Mo: A lot of people like using the machines, they’re a lot more convenient, you don’t have to stack plates, etc.  Are machines just as effective as free weights?

Marc: It’s good to play with free weights: barbell, dumbbell, and machine cables too. But I will recommend more barbell and dumbbell. The reason why is just because you will work with your stabilizer, so you will have to use more energy to lift the weight so it’ll be harder; and when it gets harder, you will have more results.

Marc: I think abs are the most classic.

Mo: Do you ever have off days? Days when you’re just “I don’t want to get off the couch today and I’m gonna pig out.”

Marc: Yeah. Everyone has like a bad day or they feel like they don’t want to go.  But I know when I’m there, I just feel fine and it’s kind of like my meditation.

Mo: So you still make it everyday?

Marc: Yes, 7 times a week. But sometimes I take a day off when I feel like I need a day off, I take it.

Mo: What is your diet like? Say, on a daily basis, just so if we kind of want to mimic what you’re doing.

Marc: Basically, I eat fruits when I wake up in the morning, with egg, with oats, too. Then I have a snack. My snack is protein shake, almonds, and an apple. Then I also have chicken with brown rice, vegetables, meat, lean meat. You can take chicken, steak will be good, you can take turkey. And then I have my pre workout meal, I need some carbs, oats, and a protein shake, then I have my workout. Then my post workout, I have a protein shake and then I have my supper before I go to sleep.

Mo: What’s your relationship with junk food like?  What is a cheat day for you?

A Marc Fitt InterviewMarc: I try to minimize junk food when I go. So my cheat day would be more like just more carbs usually, or I would take a pizza.

Mo: What about during party time, how do you manage staying up late and drinking alcohol when you are working out so much?  Montreal can be a real party town.

Marc: I’m drinking like maybe once, two times a year.  In the past,  I was drinking maybe 3 or 4 times a week, but since I started to be more intense in the fitness industry —  I just came back from Dominican Republic and there, I drank. 2 or 3 times, but not more than that.

Mo: That’s a lot of discipline.

Marc: Yeah, sacrifice.  But there’s a lot of returns from it.

Mo: We kept saying that you are arguably, the best looking guy on the planet, and I know you have a girlfriend, I see pictures of you with her.  How does she handle it? I’m sure you get hit on constantly.

Marc: Yeah, but, I just really love her, and she knows.

Mo: Before your girlfriend though, Marc, did you see your sex life skyrocket? Like the moment you start getting like a better body?

Marc: (alughs) Uhm, a little bit.

Mo: Do I have to have a certain body type to eventually have a body like yours?  Let’s say I’ve got the mindset for it, and I’m disciplined, I’m willing to put in the time and then the diet. Can everybody look like you eventually?

Marc: Yeah, with the dedication to their diet, because dieting is what is hard.  There are several body types.  You have an ectomorph body, and I’m more ectomorph, so it’s hard for me to gain fat, but it’s also hard to gain muscle.  Then you have mesomorph, that’s more of an athletic shape, the people who have more muscle, and fat too.  Everything will play on the diet, and kind of workout, but yeah, you can reach almost the same physique.  Maybe you will not have the same form as me, you may just be bigger, but you will have your strong point, and yes, you can shred.

Mo: What supplements do you take? Do you have some that you can recommend?

Marc: Depends on the brand, but they are all natural.  If you take the right brand for example, I’m sponsored by Beyond Yourself supplement, and they are all certified GMP, so everything that’s on the label, you will find in the product for real.  And it’s all-natural, so you have caffeine, L-Arginine.  I’m taking a couple of supplements, like 10 supplements.

Full Marc Fitt InterviewMo: What about these cleanses? I don’t know if it’s popular in Montreal, but here in the Philippines, everybody’s on these cleanses…starving themselves with these concoctions and “removing toxins” from their body.  I’ve always thought they were just trendy and ineffective. Are they effective?

Marc: I will just say one thing:  All professional body builders and fitness models don’t use that kind of diet. I don’t know any proper use for it. To starve yourself, play with carbs depletion, it’s not something that I recommend, it isn’t something that I use, so I cannot, maybe, give my opinion on it, but what I read, maybe it’s just not the best option. I prefer just being consistent with my diet and don’t go to the extreme.

Mo: Marc, is there any one site that people can go to get in touch with you more questions about fitness?


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