Paul George Interview

Interview: Paul George

I met up with Paul for a few minutes after a game to ask him 3 random questions about hoops.  Here’s the All-Star talking about NBA jerseys, heated games, and when he knew he was good enough for the NBA.

Mo: Paul George here for the blog.  Hey Paul.

Paul: What’s going on man?

Mo: Paul, what’s the best jersey in the NBA?

Paul: Man, it has to be the Indiana Pacers jersey.

Mo: Aside from yours.

Paul: I like the Phoenix Suns, jersey. The black one, it’s pretty smooth, I think it’s a retro one.  I like that one a lot, it’s one of the better ones out there.  It’s almost as good as ours.

Mo: You are having an awesome year, Paul.  When did you know you were going to be a star in the NBA?

Paul: Probably when I was in middle school.  I just felt that I had a skill set that was different from all the players I was coming against.  I was just able to do special things at that age, and I knew that with hard work and me staying with it, that I could be an NBA player.

Mo: You guys (Pacers) look like you’re on the way to big things this year and you guys have steamrolled over some teams.  The Miami/Indy games have been very intense.  When these games get heated and very physical, does some of the bad blood on the court carry over after the game?

Paul: A lot of these guys are my friends and they know, just like I know, that once we step onto the court, we are going at each others necks and we need to win.  I mean, we can go to dinner after the game, but on the court, we are trying to win the game.  I don’t think guys are gonna be that crazy to do anything off the court.  Everybody has a competitive nature here, everybody wants to win.  It can definitely get feisty during the game but I think for the most part, it’s over after the game.

Mo: Thanks for the time, Paul.