Interview: Steph Curry

I was able to catch up with one of my favorite players, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, to ask him about another excellent season he’s having and all the compliments and accolades he receives about his game.

Mo: Hey Steph!  Not a lot of time left in the season and while it isn’t a lock at this point, it certainly does appear you’re headed for another postseason.  What’s your mindset right now?

Steph: Yeah, it’s a new year of postseason expectations and it’s always going to be a process.  We need to take advantage of the remaining games and play consistently going forward and to get better.

Mo: What improvements do you think need to be made?  The Warriors are ranked high as a team in both offensive and defensive stats?

Steph: I think cutting down on turnovers is important.  Early in the season, I found myself trying to thread the needle a bit with some passes, and it would lead to turnovers.  It has improved recently, and we need to keep that going.

Curry2Mo: Comment about the depth of the Western Conference in the point guard position.

Steph: It’s amazing.  Every single night you have to be ready, you have to be on your toes if you want to establish yourself on the list of top point guards.

Mo: You were an NBA All-Star for the first time this year, how important was that for you?

Steph: I felt very honored to be voted a starter.  It means a lot because you know it’s 100% of the fans doing it.  It’s part of the whole Warriors organization, from Coach Jackson to my teammates trying to change the culture of what it means to play Warriors basketball and to be a winning organization.  I’m happy to have represented that progress.  Hopefully it will be an every year trip.

Mo: Are you setting yourself up to make a run as an Olympian, representing Team USA in future Olympics?

Steph: I’d hopefully like to go to Brazil and then Tokyo after that — I think I’d still be a decent age for that then.  Anytime you can put a Team USA jersey and play against the best in the world, that will be an awesome experience and I hope that happens.

Mo: When you look at how you’ve performed these past two years with your name on top of some records, is this something you imagined for yourself at the different stages of your basketball career?

Steph: It’s all been great.  Being in the NCAA tournament, having that storyline, then being a high draft pick, it’s be so rewarding.  Then seeing where we were here in Golden State during my rookie year and the progress to getting where we are is very special.

Mo: More than ever this season, we have seen the many facets of your game — it’s not just the volume 3’s but the assists, the penetration, the leadership.  There’s a lot of positive things said about you Steph, but what is the biggest compliment you receive about your performance on the court?stephencurry3

Steph: Anytime somebody mentions that you’re one of the best or the best shooter in the league currently, that’s crazy because there’s 450 players, guys that shot the ball well at different times.  To know your peers respect the way you play your game and how you shoot the ball, we are all students of the game, we are all fans of the game, and we know what each other is doing, so for people to say that is about me is special.