How Did You Like GOT’s Season 4 Premiere?

It had everything that we expected: Boobs, full frontals, finger sucking, bi-sexuality in the brothels, attempts at incest, Sansa sad, dragons disobeying, and a strong first impression by Prince Oberyn Martell.  It also had a series high amount of viewers for HBO!

I thoroughly enjoyed the season premiere of GOT as it anxiously setup some strong foundation for early conflict, drama, and anticipated violence for the episodes to follow.  All the big players had excellent storylines established right away and the episode had an excellent pace to it.  Let’s enjoy a few screenshots from this week’s premiere, tell me your thoughts on Two Swords.



  1. John Mawie Gabriel

    All I can say is I am in love with Arya Stark. She is such a badass! Move along Daenarys lol. I just hope her boobs were a little bigger but that will do haha! Arya, you can suck my fingers anytime.