Mr. Jones Watches

I can’t remember a time (pun) when watches that we wore on our wrists were used solely to tell the time, because let’s be honest, that’s what cellphones are also used for.  Why do we still wear them?  Simply because they’re functional fashion statements or a form of jewelry.  So it’s imperative that your watch says a little something about your sense of style; for example, I only wear aviation themed watches like the IWC Big Pilot, the Breitling Bentley, or a Bell & Ross.  Recently though, I have come across a brand that I am considering to be my go-to casual, unique, and fun timepiece that is relatively inexpensive and are excellent subjects of conversation — Mr. Jones Watches.

Based out of London, Mr. Jones Watches liberates the watch from being just functional timekeeping by making interesting and distinctive designs.  Visioned by Crispin Jones, MJW have gained a bit of a cult following in England, and after going through their catalog of watches, I’m confident you’re going to find one that will make you smile.  I get asked all the time to recommend a moderately priced watch for boyfriend/girlfriend gifting and I think I found my canned answer.  Take a look at some of these cool designs that range anywhere from $130 – $295.


The Time Traveller: This is my personal favorite and I will review this sometime this week.

MJW TT10.17.04 PM















The Observatory


MJW Observatory














The Last Laugh


MJW LL10.18.21 PM















Check out more designs on MJW website.


  1. Ramil Borromeo

    hi Mo, are you going to give away Mr. Jones Watches in your blog? hope you do #hopeful #goodtimes