Review: Inflight 200 Air France B747-400

In the past few weeks I’ve had several planes land at home for review, and though a few PAL birds have arrived, I’m going to save those for the next coming weeks as I’ve decided to showcase here the Air France B747-400 by Inflight 200.  Now it can be argued that in 1:200 scale diecast, Inflight’s B747 is the best in the business.  Not only is the mould gorgeous, and thankfully since the B747 is such an iconic plane, but they also command among the highest prices in re-sale.  If you get into this hobby and check out eBay for some of the more sought after releases, many of them are Inflight B747’s.  For example, the Pan Am B747-100 “Billboard” could easily command well over $500 on eBay, and not far behind that is the KLM B747-400, which can also touch the $500 mark.  I’d like to think that the low production numbers of the plane also make them so desirable/valuable as Inflight tends to produce much fewer units than rival manufacturers.

Since the days of the Concorde, Air France has always been one of my favorite airlines.  Some may find the livery boring, but I absolutely love the clean look in Euro-white, simple and no-nonsense.  When you slap that colorway onto the body of a B747, it really does look stunning.

There are different types of collectors in this hobby.  What is most obvious is that every hobbyist loves aviation; however, some may buy planes because they build their collection criteria on ones they have flown or flown on, while others may want perfect representations of the aircraft.  It’s the latter that may find disappointment with this Inflight release.  Again, while Inflight has the exceptional 747 mould, this model does have a few, albeit forgivable, flaws that deal with the font weight and the inaccuracies of the blue color.

Let’s start with font weight.  It does appear on the Inflight model that the ‘AIRFRANCE’ is noticeably “thinner” than its real-life counterpart.  It also “thinner” than other Air France models by other manufacturers.  See the photos below for comparison:

Photo #1: Real life Air France B747 (taken from


Photo #2: The Inflight B747 (taken using my iPhone 5)


Photo #3: Gemini Jets Air France B777 in 1:200 scale (taken by my iPhone 5)


So here you can see the difference in font weight between the real thing, the IF and the GJ versions.  Also slightly noticeable is the difference in the navy blue used in the Inflight, as it appears to be a lighter shade.  This difference is also evident in the “barcode” tail design of Air France.  Is it a deal-breaker? Well, it’s something only you can answer as a collector.  If Air France was my primary airline (fleet building) in my collection, then I think I would have an issue with it, but AF isn’t so I don’t find it to be a big deal.

Putting aside these two issues, this model is gorgeous and I’m glad to have it.  Inflight has all the great details that you’d find in their line of B747’s.  It checks in with a wingspan of 12.57 inches, a length of 13.78 inches, and a height of 3.79 inches.  Only 240 of these Air France B747-400 (Registration: F-GITH) were made and they retail for approximately $160.  As I mentioned earlier, Inflight generally doesn’t produce as many units as other manufactures, and what’s even better, they tell you how many they’ve made and which one you have!  That is something I wish all companies would do because these are collectibles and you’d love to know which one you have.

photo 1photo 2

Check out my video review below!


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