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Anyone who hangs out with me with any kind of regularity can predict what I’m going to wear on any given day.  It’s not because I have a known sense of personal style, but due to the fact that about 90% of the time, I wear only one brand of T-shirts, and that’s Pilot & Captain.

Pilot & Captain mixes together many of my life’s loves into a spiffy and comfortable tee. Their brand motto, “Where you’ve been, where you’re from and where you’re going,” hits right at home because aside from collecting flags of countries I’ve been to and model airplanes of aircraft I’ve flown on, collecting P&C shirts just gives me another avenue to express my passion for world cities, travel, and even airport codes!

I’ve been a loyal customer since P&C launched in 2012 and I get a ton of compliments on my shirts.  They are very comfortable and I love how they hold their quality, print, and color after (literally) hundreds of washes the shirts been through.

Full Review Pilot & Captain Tees

To be honest, the only frustration I’ve had with Pilot & Captain is that they don’t have an MNL shirt – which I’m hoping they will remedy soon.  They recently have announced an Asian collection that features some of our regional friends like BKK, SIN, HKG, and my fingers crossed that MNL gets on the production line soon.  I’m also very eager to see an AMS made as nice little tribute to my favorite airport, Schiphol. That frustration can turn into a lot of fun once I find out that one of my favorite cities have been announced in a new design.  I assume it’s the same kind of rush you feel when a favorite band is coming out with a new album or if a new collectible has been announced in your hobby.

The tees sell for $32 and P&C ships internationally so check out what they have in stock online.  You can even vote for your favorite city to be made next.

Watch my review video for a closer look at the shirts.

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  1. Matt

    G’day Mo,

    I just discovered Pilot and Captain and upon searching for online reviews of their tees I came upon your youtube video. I was wondering if you have any further info regarding the tee shirts they print on, such as what percentage is the poly/cotton blend and what blank tee shirt manufacturer they print on. None of this info is listed on Pilot and Captains website and I’ve been unable to get a response from them.