RollPro III Organizer and Carrying Case by Riseful Review

Review: RollPro III Organizer and Carrying Case by Riseful

I bought my first GoPro last Christmas and once I finally got my hands on it and started fidgeting with it, I didn’t just get addicted to its size, quality, and functionality, but I immediately thought: I have to have every accessory for this thing!  Even if I will likely never use all those mounts, who knows when I’m going to have to jump off an airplane and land onto a ski slope and shred a mountainside.  For the record, I don’t ski or do anything adventurous, which then makes me a goddamn poser.  But there may be a few legit daredevils (and posers) out there that might have a problem which is: Where do I put all of this stuff?  I have made some bad purchases in the search for the perfect GoPro case, and it wasn’t until I found this Riseful RollPro III organizer was I finally satisfied.

Full Review RollPro III Organizer and Carrying Case by Riseful

What attracted me most to the Riseful is its portability.  I can put it in my backpack or messenger and it hardly takes up any room considering all of the accessories it can hold.  As the name suggests, it is an excellent organizer.  I don’t have to struggle with looking for small screws and clips as they sit there arranged like a symphony orchestra, all neat and ready for me to grab at a moments notice.  What I also like is that once I remove a piece for use, I rarely ever leave an accessory out because an open space means something is not accounted for, hence it acts like its own little roll call.

In-Depth Review RollPro III Organizer and Carrying Case by RisefulSpeaking of roll, it is made of Sunbrella hightech industrial grade canvas and the Velcro that secures it is both very large and high quality, rolling into a compact and awesome looking organizer that allows you to carry more gear in your bag.  Unfortunately, if you have the bigger GoPro accessories such as the suction, jaws, or chest mounts, the Riseful will not be able to accommodate them; however, I find that they are small enough to fit in my backpack anyway — thanks to the RollPro’s ability to create more gear space for me.

Here is the breakdown of what the Riseful RollPro III Organizer can hold:

3 GoPros; cased, with or without bacpacs
3 Bacpacs; LCD, Battery, Wi-Fi
6 Large back covers; for Bacpacs
4 Regular back covers
6 Batteries
2 SD cards
8 Thumb screws
6 Pivots
8 Vibration plugs
3 Clip mounts
1 USB car charger
2 Charging cords

Reviewing the RollPro III Organizer and Carrying Case by Riseful

The RollPro III doesn’t offer much in terms of padding but since GoPro’s are action cams, they’re built tough and are housed in their casing, so I feel pretty confident they’d be safe in this thing.

The RollPro III sells for $79 on the Riseful site and they do ship internationally.  Check it out!

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