Shay Todd Swimwear Once A Year Sale

One of the big go-to brands for celebrities (with distractingly hot bodies) will have a huge once-a-year sale this Friday!  Top swimwear designer Shay Todd will slash up to 75% off selected pieces, and while you’d like to have a nice selection of moderately priced bikinis, every girl should be armed with at least one high-end set, and that’s where Shay Todd throws you a lifesaver with this sale.  You may have seen Kim Kardashian’s ass deluxe in one of them or perhaps have copped Maria Menounos’ tight number wearing one.  So stand out when the sun shines this summer and perhaps the beach dwelling Boracay vendor won’t constantly bother you with requests of “Jit Skee ma’am” because why would anyone want to see you leave the sand.

As if you needed any more convincing, here’s Emily Ratajkowski modeling the new Shay Todd catalog.

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Ladies! Up to 75% off! Men! Emily Ratajkowski is their catalog model!






  1. Ramon Jacinto

    I don’t care about the dress. She could wear a plastic bag and I guaranty she still gonna look hot!

  2. vinz

    Was it really the article that you wanted to feature or was it the model who has a great resemblance with Rhian? Move on. Kidding!