Topic: Things You Stopped Doing Because The Jejemons Got To It

This usually happens with music.  You find an awesome song, you try to share it only with your inner circle, you don’t even fucking tweet the lyrics because someone might look it up.  You’re successful in keeping it low-key and then it happens, the jejemon got to it.

Like World War Z, it spreads and they sucked out every inch of awesome that song had.  No group of people kill trends faster than the jejemons.  Whether it’s a coffee shop (ahem, Starbucks), an ice cream bar (looking at you, Magnum) or Lorde’s new single, the jeje’s are out to hijack.  Tell me about your casualties, what are things you have stopped doing because the jejemons got to it?

“Because 71 floors in a long way up when you’re social climbing.” -Mo Twister


  1. John Mawie Gabriel

    I used to love Milk teas before but when that drink conquered the social media by storm, dang it man I can’t help but to roll my eyes 360 degrees. Oh and the milk tea shops boom like everywhere.

  2. JD

    Air Jordans. Not exactly jejemons but most people started liking it, I stopped buying them since everyone’s into it now. Even girls are into them! Wanted to share a picture of a feeling-hot-coz-im-wearing-a-jordan-sneaks. Haha.

  3. G-Shock. I was a sucker for it even before it’s “second coming”. I felt a short-lived happiness when it came back with its new cool colors and models…then BAM!! the official watch of the jejemons.

  4. M. Alvarez

    This is super true!! I remember kat alano performed a song for mo on mo’s bday, lorde’s song! It was awesome!! But on one of my trips to the salon (yung mumurahin lang na salon), i was surprised that the beki there was singing lorde’s song.. Ayyy,, jejemon na pala ung song.

  5. Arjan Salazar

    Most of the times I am hesitant to having dates at the malls because they are filled by jejemons, and I don’t want to look like one. It is so hard to find a place now not infected by jejemons.