MGS-Ground-Zeroes-MoTwister Contest

Welcome to the team, DataBlitz!

datablitz contestAs we continue to expand this blog at such a rapid pace, we are thrilled to welcome to the family, your favorite place to pick up video games, DataBlitz!  I’ve been a customer at DataBlitz for years so this is really great news for me, to be able to work with a company that I’ve always enjoyed shopping at.

So here’s the setup.  Approximately twice a month, we will review a video game on this site.  The same game that we review will also be given away to one of you gamers!  Just follow the mechanics for the contest and if you’re chosen as a winner, you just have to pick up the game at the designated DataBlitz branch.  Good times!

Metal Gear Solid Groud Zeroes Philippines ContestI believe we will be reviewing Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes this coming weekend and will have the game mechanics up and ready.  Make sure to follow DataBlitz on Twitter and check out their site for freshest news on gaming.

DataBlitz is your total gaming and multimedia store!