What’s The Baddest Thing You’ve Done During Holy Week?

Here’s another topic from today’s radio show that I’d like to put out here for discussion.  It’s Holy Week and though we are reminded constantly by our folks and church mates to recognize the meaning and importance of these days — it being the most important of the holy days, as it is the foundation of the entire Christian faith — we can’t remove the fact that it is also prime summer season.  More and more of us eventually decide to hang with our pals on the beach than with the elders at church come Th-Fri-Sat-and-Sun.

So I posted this question to all of you this morning: What is the baddest thing you’ve done during Holy Week?

The answers were absolutely wild!  Our first caller said on Good Friday he went to a meth lab and bought some drugs for the weekend’s consumption.  My second caller said had sex with his female boss (who was married) in the office, right before she was about to leave for out of town to spend the Holy Week with her family.  The worst of the calls came from a guy who went to church with his girlfriend on Good Friday and while there, got horny, looked for an hidden place (an open confession room, perhaps) and proceeded to bone right then and there.  Lovely.

I’m not going to lecture you all on how to behave and when to do it.  I understand there are temptations to do wrong during summer’s busiest party week.  I just want your stories.  What’s the baddest thing you’ve during Holy Week?



  1. Raymond crisostomo

    Naginom ng biyernes santo, karaniwan diba may mga mga rnb songs na pinapatugtog, pero nung time na yun wala as in mga aso at boses lang namin, inisip pa nga namen na baka magpatutug ng mga pang holyweek songs o pang passion, tapos maya maya dami naglalakad mga nagpepenetensya na mga tao,samantalang kami umiinom, tsk talaga

  2. Mj

    Fucked a whore and geezed all over her face, too good that I accidentally said “jesus christ ang sarap”. Worst – i left her in bed with 500 pesos short of my payment.