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Infamous Second Son PS4If you’ve read our review of Infamous: Second Son, you’d know by now that you need to get your hands on a copy of this game!  That’s where DataBlitz and I come in.  For the second week in a row, we are giving you a chance to win the hottest title released!  Many of you know that the game revolves around superhuman powers, and I remember when I was a kid, I’d write stories of characters with all kinds of unique abilities — basically, make my own set of X-Men since Marvel never made a character named Marvelous Mo.

Of course, being in grade 4, my character sucked.  But what I’m asking from you all is this:

What was the best superhuman power you’ve invented for a fictional character?

In the comments section below, give me your answer and the best one will win a copy of Infamous: Second Son for your Playstation 4.  Don’t forget to include your Twitter handle so I can contact you!  Speaking of Twitter, you must follow DataBlitz on Twitter to be considered for the prize!  Infamous: Second Son is easily the best game on the next gens right now, so do yourself a solid and pick it up at DataBlitz now!

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  1. hans hafalla

    What was the best superhuman power you’ve invented for a fictional character? – the power to duplicate any item as many as i want. imagine – you can duplicate money, cars, houses, mobile phones. @hans_hafalla

  2. shannon

    The power of merging! Ability to temporarily merge two or more beings into a single being, which results in a completely new and stronger being. What will happen if Juggernaut and the Hulk would merge! XD

  3. Michael Lean

    The best power is being invisible and can pass through walls. That’s the best power if you know what i mean 🙂 @michaellean30

  4. Josh DC

    The power of controlling space-time. Teleporting wherever and whenever you want as well as stopping or advancing time. @joshdccomics

  5. tim

    Best one I ever wanted was something along the lines of electric/magnetic field manipulation. Not like magneto being able to bend any metal. More of the ability to alter the polarities, move things around, create temporary magnets, mess with a villain’s electrical fields to stun them. Of course, this also allowed me to deactivate most electrical objects. Wearing metal shoes would allow me to hover over certain objects. With enough concentration, I could fashion blades from pieces of metal. The force of my swing would be really strong due to the ability to manipulate the magnetic polarities.

  6. Joshua Anthony A. Ogame

    of course the power to control time, basically you are immortal if you have this shit!

  7. Cyrus David

    The power to control time. You can turn back time to undo all the horrible things that happened in your life and replay the pleasurable moments, tehe. @vohof

  8. Migz Calderon

    The abilty to bend reality or reality and probability alteration. So I literally control whats happening in the world like some immortal being.

  9. Mico

    What was the best superhuman power you’ve invented for a fictional character?
    –> Best power I’ve invented was the power of Imagination. I can make anything a reality, I Can change my Super Powers at will and is only limited by my imagination… That for me was the best power i can think off.

  10. Joshua Angeles

    The power to heal, so I would be able to cure/help any living organism. And the good thing is I would never have to buy a plaster again, lol.

    Twitter Handle : @JoshuaAngeles_

  11. Mikee Mae Garcia

    The power to make and change the rules. Even gravity won’t work in my hands because of the rule I have created to surpass it. @maetngkd

  12. Wenrick

    What was the best superhuman power you’ve invented for a fictional character?

    My character’s name is The Arms Dealer. He looks like a humanoid WarMachine like Megaman X. Instead of guns and missiles coming out of the suit, the suit it itself turns into any weapon and armor just by thinking of it. He can also turn his suit into tanks, fighter jets, battleships and anything that kills. His suit’s backbone is connected to his spinal column which is powered by his brain and is an extension of his mind. The suit itself is made of metal not known in this universe, indestructible as Adamantium and flexible as rubber. He uses this superhuman technology to save the world from the evil forces of the Universe.


  13. LJ Reyes

    My special power? The power to transform into air and become Air J! I have the ability to enter my opponent’s body through his nose or mouth to spread toxins in its system. And for the final blow… I will come out of his arse, expose all his filth, and knock him out with a big fart! Hahaha! Pick me, please: @DarthFaderX 🙂

  14. Kenneth

    My superhuman power will be the one who can transform me into a beast (sex beast, war beast, etc.) and no kryptonite can tame me while on a beast mode. i’ll just click my forehead and boom i will transform to a beast mode. =) hahaha! damn… @jerkie26

  15. Raphael Molina

    BULLSHIT MAN, from the famous karl pilkington, bullshit man has the power/ability to know you’re talking BS,

  16. Jose Lorenzo Durano

    It ( no gender ,but looks like an ordinary asian kid ) can get into the minds of a lot of people at ones but it weakness is krowns that comes from Mt. Pinatubo.

  17. Carmine Tiongco

    The power to transform into anything! Well since i was in grade 4 i would always want to like transform into a chair so when either a bully sits down i could move or my teacher would hold on to a chalk which could transform into a snake. Lame but it was funny when i was a kid. Or like i can transform into like godzilla and shit. @carminetiongco

  18. Weather Manipulation. Who wouldn’t want to control the weather? You can change the weather depending on your mood or whether or not you’re going out and you want it to be sunny, cloudy, or rainy. Heck, you can even make it snow wherever you want!

  19. Lloyd

    To be able to control everything using my mind and to be able to absorb the powers of other people. @lechon_lover

  20. Rob

    I’d have the power to shapeshift. I’d turn myself into inanimate objects for defence & into famous pornstars for leisure.

  21. Gab

    Invisibility! I can go where ever i want to not being detected. I can go to beautiful women’s houses. I know you know what I’m thinkin’ (woot!)

    • Furqan

      as i’ve been a gaming fan and want to be a computer hacker, so i prefer hacking. Hacking anything, then get the information about it or destroy it. i know its like the game Watch dogs but i like it.

  22. kim cabral

    What was the best superhuman power you’ve invented for a fictional character?

    the power to make me small/tiny so that i can go through tiny spaces haha 😀


  23. Dee Sison

    I can make anyone I want begin to sweat mayonnaise. I can do this silently so that nobody can tell I’m the cause. No one’s gonna want to mess with me!!

    Twitter: @mrsison

  24. Christian Manuel

    Back in grade school I use to borrow comic books from classmates and friends, I wanted a character that can animate any comic book character on the cover and use their powers . 🙂 Twitter: @cjpmanuel

  25. Arcie Zee

    Q: What was the best superhuman power you’ve invented for a fictional character?

    A: The power to urinate coins, and deficate bills (money). Hahaha man, if that character exists in a parallel world, no one could ever beat him/her.. even Napoles. Lol let’s be honest, money make the world go round!


  26. Raymond crisostomo


    The best superhuman power i have invented for a fictional character is The FaceChanger lol

    What FaceChanger can actually do is to turn himself into someone he wants and actually acquire the skills and special things that of that particular person.

    For example one day he wanted to be rich, all he need to do is to think look himself at the mirror together with bill gates picture or something, close his eyes and viola he becomes bill gates

    Lets say he wanted to play ball and play with Silvia Lopez Castro at the same time? Just grab a photo of Pau Gasol and bring it in front of a mirror 🙂

    Just imagine what you can build or destroy by being someone you want on that day. Imagine if you want to be Barrack Obama and decided to launch all of your missiles, you wanted to be Kim Jong Un and declare that all north Korean boys will have an F4 look, or become Janet Lim Napoles and try to involved anyone you hate to the pork barrel scam, chances are they are guilty anyway lol, its really fun i think.

  27. Julian Uygongco


    Best power is the ability to control time anyway my super hero does.

    Nothing beats that!!

  28. Robert Sarte

    I always view my superhero as a metallic guy (as in parang gate ng bahay) with an x ray vision and could freeze time. Yung tipong makakakita sa loob looban ng tao haha malay mo may drugs pala sa loob ng katawan niya, and yung biglang titigial yung oras para masuntok yung mga kalaban! Haha good times good times!

  29. Luigie Saladaga dedel


    The ability to take away all the superhuman powers so that we will all live in normal world, humans not superhumans. 🙂

  30. Jamirxp

    What was the best superhuman power you’ve invented for a fictional character? – Power of mind, like you can control anything with the use of your mind.

  31. Vin Chi

    What was the best superhuman power you’ve invented for a fictional character? – Well, I drew during past time way back in high school a superhero named Elektron who can go inside machines and computers then manipulate them at will. Pretty stupid thinking of it now but I had fun. @VinChi8

  32. Jay

    @jmxpin here. The best superhuman power I could think of is the ability to manipulate odds. Screw invisibility and telekinesis and flight and all the other mainstream powers. Just imagine the things you can do if Lady Luck is always at your side!

    If I can go to a casino and subtly manipulate the odds of winning to my favor, or shift the probability of me scoring a hot date to 98%, or make sure that there’s a big chance I’d land my dream job, people won’t see that I’m a superhero, just that I’m a very lucky guy. Then people will naturally just be around me so “my luck will rub off to them,” and if I like them, I’d make it so!

    Shit I can even go as far as dropping the risk of getting an STI or a pregnancy when having sex to virtually nil. “Bad news, sweetie: the condom broke. Good news, you’re not pregnant! Lucky eh?”