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Contest Question:
If you have the freedom to tell a celebrity what you like/don’t like about him/her, what would it be and why?

You have all week to join and I will announce the winner on Sunday, April 13th.  Don’t forget to leave your Twitter handle so I can contact you.  Also, be sure to follow Inglot Philippines on Twitter!

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  1. Juleanne Inamac

    If you have the freedom to tell a celebrity what you like/don’t like about him/her, what would it be and why?

    I would tell Lindsay Lohan to stop all the crazy things she’s been doing and start growing up. I’m a fan since her Parent Trap days and it hurts me seeing her so messed up.


  2. Rommel Nardo

    I would like to tell KC Montero, “dude, i dont like you. Because i have seen you broke the Bro Code.”

  3. eliza egpit

    given the freedom to change something…i would like to change the heart of the parents who have not accepted having a gay child…It would be a better and brighter morning to always wake up knowing that your parents have completely accepted you for who you are…parents whom you can share stories of being in love and being hurt…parents who can still be proud when you bring home your better half…and who will always be there whenever ends didn’t meet.

  4. Sarah Sarte

    If I had this kind of freedom, I’d praise Sam Concepcion for keeping his mouth shut regarding the recent Anne incident. If it was any other artist, they’d surely talk about it and accept interviews to clean their names since it was what Anne did, but Sam did the opposite. Sam, it was so manly of you to stay quiet about the issue to protect your relationship with Jasmine and to avoid further “gap” with Anne. You got the biggest balls I know and f*** them all/haters for saying otherwise! You got the talent and personality, who cares if that doesn’t equal to being classy? *fist bump*


  5. If you have the freedom to tell a celebrity what you like/don’t like about him/her, what would it be and why?

    I would tell Vice Ganda to shut up his big bad mouth and bragging some other celebrities in front of the camera because thousands or million of people can watch him. you dont need to do this just to be a good and effective comedian… !! your not a good example to the youth specially to all young gay’s who idolize you. your teaching how to discriminate and judge other people inappropriately..sorry girl! i really hate it! #peace @jhe_jermanine

  6. Dina angco

    I would tell Gwyneth Paltrow – what the hell – Conscious Uncoupling? Her and chris martin can just divorce but please forget about coining new separation terminologies or theories to justify or downplay the separation. She lost me there as a fan. @dinaangco

  7. Joy C. Villaluz

    I like Marian Rivera. I followed her in IG. She has that natural beauty with or without make up. However, i dont like her talking. Whenever i hear her talking and watching her at the same time, it all end up unliking her. @iamprettyjoy

  8. Kenneth

    i’ll tell PIOLO PASCUAL / SAM MILBY / RAYMOND GUTIERREZ : ”if your gay?so what?”…
    i’ll tell it to them so that they can appear to the public as a gay. hahaha! lol

  9. Acie

    I’d pick Anne Curtis. Mars, ang hot ng#KatawangPangromansa mo, but dude, you need to eat a fucking sandwich.

  10. Bianca

    If I have this freedom, I will tell Cristine Reyes to stop being such a freak. She’s pretty yes but sometimes she looks cheap when she’s being a freak girl.

  11. Marites H. Anselmo

    I want to say something to Ms. Maui Taylor i really loved her personality beside of being so beautiful, I also like her for being so frank to her self that no matter what is done to her personality she dont care and she is proud because that what makes her happy and beautiful. And there is no hindrance to fullfill her dreams she is so determine of what she likes to do to her life.

  12. Dianne

    “Hi, Ellen Adarna. I like your face and body, pwede pahiram muna? I just need some $$$ badly.”


  13. Anna Jean Ema

    I’d like to tell Ellen Adarna, how much I like her because she’s not afraid to speak her mind, she’s not one to suck up to the entertainment system to make everyone like her. Yes she’s Cebuana, yes her accent’s not the best, but she never tried to be one of those pasosyal/english speaking celebs that we have. Also, I love how she takes care of her body by eating clean and working out, but she also knows how to party hard, it’s all about the balance. @ajenema

  14. dong andres

    I would pick Vhong Navarro. I will say to him to quit showbiz until his rape issues are solved. He is compromising himself and all his actions and words are so awkward in tv. He tries to pretend that he is the good guy in the story but rape cases keeps on coming out. I am not saying he is guilty… but spare the noon time show and have the decency to not go in public.

    Twitter: @lightcrusader1

  15. ralph adversario

    i think i would tell him/her that tigilan na nya ang pagpapanggap nyan mayaman, because meron kasing ibang celeb na kung maka asta mayaman ,, manung kung anong meron sya yun na muna , ex mag babag ng hermes eh hermes greenhills lang naman,. nakakahiya lang

    db mo ?


  16. Paula Mae Santos

    I would like to tell Nikki Gil how much I admire her for being a strong, independent woman. She had been through so much because of that breakup with Billy yet she kept her calm, and faced the world with her head held high. I love her. She’s an inspiration.


  17. Katrine Lao

    I would say this to Anne Curtis, “You’re beautiful and all but you should stop doing things that’s not for you! Just keep your big mouth shut!”


  18. Krishia Dela Rosa

    I would pick Coleen Garcia and will tell her, “Bakit lahat ng basura ni Nikki Gil dinadampot mo?! Una si Gab Valenciano, then si Billy Crawford. Jusko!” HAHAHAHA


  19. Katherine M.

    Since this one is a make-up related post, so as with my answer to your question Sir Mo. If I would have the freedom to tell Coco Martin what I don’t like about him, here it is. “Uhm, Sir Coco Martin this is about your noticeable make up. I noticed it mostly on your soap operas. I don’t know if it’s just me or your foundation is really cakey? I believe that you are a good looking guy so you don’t need to put tons of it coz its too obvious and heavy. And sometimes it annoys your televiewers like me.”


  20. Barbara Jean Omalin

    I will ask Kris Aquino that if she could please once in her showbiz life practice a little bit of privacy when it comes to her lovelife. Yes, she is a public figure and she needs to share to the people her personal life. But I guess keeping this personal area of her life will not hurt her. I believe that if she tries to do this maybe the forever she’s longing for her relationship might come true. 🙂

  21. Anne

    I’ll tell Anne Curtis “Hindi classy to buy people. their friends, and this club”. So shut her big mouth na lang.


  22. Juan Carlos L. Mangibin

    I would tell christy Fermin to shut the F Up! I’m done with your showbiz expose, why not try to get a facial or something to improve how she looks like on tv.

  23. Vanessa


    Pull your head out of your ass. All these “art” makes your music gibberish. You’re like the male version of Lady Gaga now. But Kim trying to keep up with your music is a good consolation.

    Please don’t be a basic bitch.


  24. rozenda

    gusto ko talagang sabihin po ito sayo eh bakit po ang daldal mo at ang taklesa mo Mr Moe twister and why until now hindi ka pa nagaasawa? hehe at ang bilis mo magsalita pero honestly un pagiging madaldal at taklesa mo ay may sense naman kaya ok n ok sakin un hope u don’t mind mr MO peace po tau pero yan tlaga gusto ko sabhin sau

  25. rozenda

    gusto ko talagang sabihin po ito sayo eh bakit po ang daldal mo at ang taklesa mo Mr Moe twister and why until now hindi ka pa nagaasawa? hehe at ang bilis mo magsalita pero honestly un pagiging madaldal at taklesa mo ay may sense naman kaya ok n ok sakin un hope u don’t mind mr MO peace po tau pero yan tlaga gusto ko sabhin sau

  26. Gracie

    Bianca Valerio, I listen to the GTWM podcast all the time and I admire your stories. Like how successful and strong you are now despite being bullied as a child and being pregnant at an early age, etc. But please, when you talk, can you inhale silently? And stop saying “right?” all the time. Your usual conversation with Mo sounds like this, blah blah blah blah *inhale* blah blah blah blah blah, “right”? It really bugs me. I tried comparing with other guests and co-hosts but they dont sound like that. Peace 🙂


  27. I would tell Ms. Kris Aquino that she needs to have an appointment with a psychiatrist because it seems that she doesn’t know how to be contented with a guy. I mean, how many “life” (guy’s life) does she want to destroy? just saying..

  28. Julie Ann

    Id probly tell selfie-obsessed celebrities to please post something else other than selfies. You had your hair and make up done for a shoot today, we get it. You had make up and hair done for another shoot, we get it. You’re beautiful, we get it. But please, we follow you on ig, twitter not just becuase of your pretty face but because we wanna know what interests you too. We wanna learn more about you as a person, not memorize your face with different hair and make up!

    Twitter: hulieanne

  29. Tina Elaine

    There are a lot of things I like about Kris Aquino. First, her million-worth commercials. Second, her sex life. Third, her Herpes infection and most importantly, last, her ability to make all of these entertainment.


  30. Jeff Carpio

    I would tell Justin Bieber that inking his whole body ain’t cool. It doesn’t look good on him. The previous tats he head were cool but if he gets more it looks bad already. As the saying goes too much of anything is bad!

    twitter: @rjeffcarpio

  31. Niña Fortunado

    I would tell Miley Cyrus to stop whatever she has turned into now. Ever since she broke up Liam Hemsworth it was obvious that she was changing her image. From a teenage idol to a Scandalous celebrity. It has been worst the worst for her as per her image. (The music is fine though). We all know that she is a good artist. I would tell her to go back to her old image because she can inspire and entertain people through her music without being the indecent monster she has turned into.

    twitter: @ohmaynina

  32. Paula Montenegro

    If I’ll have a chance to talk to a celebrity, I’d choose Jack Gleeson of GOT. “You’re such a good f*cking actor for playing King Joffrey. You made every cell of my body angry everytime they put you on screen. I hope you’ll die brutally in this season. Thank you for making me excited to watch season 4.” That’s all and I’ll just walk out. Haha.


  33. I would simply confront Sarah Geronimo to stop being so pa-cute and O.A at the same time. Yes, She’s successful but she’s freakin’ annoying on TV. Sometimes I just wanna punch our Television whenever her face shows up simply because she is acting like an immature child. I automatically change channel when her commercial shows. Like, Ugghhhh …

  34. kim cabral

    If you have the freedom to tell a celebrity what you like/don’t like about him/her, what would it be and why?

    ill tell Bianca Valerio to stop being to conyo hehe 🙂 peace!


  35. Chabela Gonzales

    Saoirse Ronan, the best thing I love about you is your unique name. I know we can totally relate on “What’s your name again?” or “I’m sorry, but how do you spell your name?” sort of things. But despite these, I am always reminded of how unique I am in this world with my name alone. Love, the only Chabela in the Philippines. Xx


  36. Anna Lizza Gonzales

    I would love to tell KRIS AQUINO that I like the fact that she did not give up her dream to pursue her happiness despite her failed relationships. I like the maturity that she gained from all her experiences. She has learned to forgive and appreciate life’s offering. But I would also like to tell her that maybe this time she should keep her relationship as private as possible. Maybe this time it will really be for keeps. Love love love!

  37. Perlin Bon

    Anne Curtis: stop trying to be a singer. not everyone likes to hear you sing. you can’t buy my feelings and opinion…

  38. ElaineA

    I have two for this:

    First, Kris Aquino – our world doesn’t revolve around you, stop polluting the television. We’re not interested with your sex life or love life.

    Second, Claudine Barretto – just admit it, you’re a bitch! At least be honest for once and stop playing the victim and put the fork down!

  39. ElaineA


    I have two for this:

    First, Kris Aquino – our world doesn’t revolve around you, stop polluting the television. We’re not interested with your sex life or love life.

    Second, Claudine Barretto – just admit it, you’re a bitch! At least be honest for once and stop playing the victim and put the fork down!

  40. Jamie

    Siguro sasabihin ko kay vice ganda na isa ako sa fan nya but hindi lahat ng joke nya nakakatuwa. Be fair enough sa mga taong gagamitan nya ng punchline nya para lang makapagpatawa in a way na nakakasakit na sya ng feelings ng iba.. But still im his fan!


  41. Jamie

    Id probably tell anne curtis na hindi bagay sa kanya ang role nya as Dyesebel.. Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng sirenang maarte! Mas bagay sa kanya yung role nya as mistress like the movie No Other Woman.. Just saying..


  42. I would tell Kris Aquino to stop interviewing every people she meets in taping KrisTv about their love life. There are so many questions to ask to them like where did they get the business idea, why did they choose ehat they are doing as a profession, things like how people can succeeed retcetera… Feeling niya teenager siya kung magtanongnaman about other people affair.

  43. Geralyn

    Hi! If I have a freedom or chance to ask something about the artist. I would probably ask you Dj Mo, What happen to you and rhian? Did u guys really have a baby and had an abortion? If Yes, Why? I’m single mom btw, my ex doesn’t want to marry me but he loves the child. I’m just so curious about you dj mo and rhian, 🙂 thank you for this giveaway! Crossing my fingers! Xoxo
    twitter : itsmommyj

  44. Jasmin De Leon

    I would like to tell Daniel Padilla that I’m not a big fan of his. But that doesn’t mean I hate him. I just don’t see anything special about him– people say he’s handsome, but every time I see him, I would ask “What’s there to like?” I just honestly don’t get why you give most of my friends butterflies. Sorry if I offend some DJP fans out there. You can’t blame me. I’m just not into him at all. 🙂 @geloudeleon

  45. Marizza Domingo

    Twitter handle: @BLUJAYfromMars

    I’d probably tell Justin Bieber that I don’t like his music and his crazy lifestyle. Why? ‘Cause after seeing him spending time with kids in Tacloban, which is very admirable, I saw a gleam of hope in him.

  46. kangkong

    I would like to salute Maricar Reyes for behaving accordingly all through out the Hayden Co saga. For not crying a waterfall of tears to get sympathy like all the other celebrity involving themselves in a hiatus. She never took advantage. (if she ever did then she did it with flair and subtlety) She built her name not on the situation but for the artist she is. Look at her now and can you ever guess she was affected at all? Now thats a true Class!

  47. Luigie Saladaga dedel

    If given this freedom? I would ask YOU DJ Mo! I would like you to pick me to be
    winner of this contest and me alone because I badly need the prize because its my
    sisters birthday and her wish is the prize of this contest! @luigiededel

  48. Roseann Javier

    I would tell Kris Aquino that I admire her for being such a loving mom to Josh and Bimby but I am irritated on how much she talks about her personal life. I undestand that she’s a celebrity and her life is an open book but she needs to try to shut up maybe once in a while (better it she shuts up forever) about her lovelife because she’s just making a douchebag out of herself.

  49. Ging Libres Valdez

    I’d like to tell you Mo that I Iike your honesty,I used to listen to your show podcast before ,your ideas and your experiences about love, sex and life.Seriously what I dont like is that you just easily dump girls and the kiss-and-tell! I don’t like seeing celebrities exchanging gf/bf after one another.I love celebrities who are straightforward.I hate liars!

  50. Ric

    I’d tell Bong Revilla that what goes around comes around, and that he is a bitch of Karma now. Practice your values first before you go all heroic about other people’s mistakes.

  51. jhessa

    i will ask jericho Rosales if hinda ba nagseselos ung fiance’ nya kahit konte grabe ang hot scene haha!! @heartrulez25

  52. Pau

    I’ll tell LeBron, “Aye man, stop flopping, you’re starting to look like a lil’ kid. Lol”

  53. Kay

    Mohan Gumatay, sometimes I hate your guts but I love your grit. Sometimes I hate those unnecessary, little side-comments but I can’t go on a day without reading you. Hahaha. And lastly, I hate it when you give in to “word-ly” (if that’s a correct word lol) fights across social media. But hey, I love the humor in it! Nonetheless, keep up! 😉


  54. Karen Bernarte

    I would tell Miley Cyrus I hate her. My daughter keeps on copying her in her “We cant stop” Music video

  55. Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

    I’d like to tell Kris Aquino that if she really wanted to have true happiness, inner peace and contentment in life, stop making public everything that is happening in your life. Yet focus on just strengthening your ties and relationship with the people you most love. Just spend most of your time making the people so dear to you special in very simple ways. No need to make public announcements of every little detail that is happening in your life. You will feel most blessed and most happy if you can keep it low.

  56. Based on the incidents of Anne Curtis humiliating people in bars or parties, I would like to approach her and tell her to stop drinking because drinking makes her lose control and eventually hurting other people. I know this is a bit corny, but I would also tell her that people around her are probably afraid to talk back or reason out to her that what she did was wrong (the Sam Conception issue) so I strongly believe that the Lord ordered that jelly fish to smite her as punishment of her wrong deeds and knock some sense back to her. Karma really works in super mysterious ways.

  57. trins


    To kris aquino
    I find it so pathetic for you to keep talking about your love life in all your shows. your too old to emote like the famous loveteams like “kathniel”. The secret for a healthy relationship is to keep it private!

    To anne curtis
    Bakit pagnalalasing ka nagiging matapobre ka?do you have money issues? Kasi naman ang consistent mo when your drunk. Just a remember, fame is not permanent and your nine digits income wont buy you a class.

  58. Anna Natividad

    If I had the freedom to tell a celebrity what I like/don’t like about him/her, I would have an honest conversation with Kris Aquino.

    There are many things I like about Kris Aquino. I believe many people love her for her good heart. She is a loving family member, mother, and friend. She is generous to a lot of people. We all know that she has various charitable activities, but she also has many good deeds she choose to keep under wraps. Kris is a smart and sensible person too. She is one of the rare persons I know whom you can talk to all day and never get bored. Not because she is madaldal, but because she is knowledgeable and experienced with a lot of things.

    However, as much as I admire these qualities of Kris, there is something I don’t like about her. Truth be told, Kris just talks WAY TOO MUCH about her personal life; it’s like she’s purposely drawing attention to herself. I know that she is a public figure and it is part of a celebrity’s life to be talked about by many people, but I hope she knows that she doesn’t need to give a blow-by-blow account to the public of what’s going on with her personal life. She doesn’t need to give in to the clamor of the people. She only owes an explanation to her family and close friends. We all know that Kris is madaldal and taklesa, but that is a different thing from dedicating one show (or more) to just give a dramatic speech regarding her personal life. Kris, somewhere out there, there are people who are feasting on your failures and enjoy seeing you troubled. DON’T give them that satisfaction. And also, there are people who are tired of hearing about irrelevant things, and they just DON’T freaking care.

    Not to blame her for her past troubled relationships, but I guess this is one factor why her relationships didn’t work out. What man would like their partner make their problems open to the public’s scrutinizing eyes and discriminating mouths? I know that Kris is a good person, and she deserves to find someone who will love her ever after. But maybe, just maybe, if she learns to keep her personal life private, she will have a better chance of “forever”.

    (my Twitter handle: @annanatividad)

    • Can I do you in my sofa? You can come over anytime. I hate fucking prostitutes here in new york, it feels like my dick is just a toothpick.

  59. Precious Ann Arias

    Which celebrity

    Its like a life and death situation. . Its a 50/50. Its like, I love you & I hate you. Their being a celebrity makes us normal people to look up to them to love and hate them. For me, its Kris Aquino. Ill tell her, “you know what Miss Kris? I love u when ur a little child, the way u act as a cute intelligent minor facing the public’s eyes when ur dad got jailed. I like u in ur Pido Dida days. Ur fluffy bangs and being a finess. Ur effective even scaring me in Feng Shui. But right now, I really dont know. Your show Kris TV is meant to be a travel guide show.

    But wat r u doing? U reiterate the fact dat u dnt hav sex dats why ur successful, u publicize ur lovelife dat we dnt care about, u intrview various perSonality & be a love matchmaker. Even ur son is confused if he will be having another brother with another man ur dating with. Just pls give us a break. Take d word “privacy” even just 4 a while. Thank u! Anyway, i appreciate ur makeup now. Its kinda pretty. That must be Inglot!


  60. rozenda

    i super duper like you dahil very straight forward k kahit minsan nakaka offend kna sana lang next time medyo konting lambing naman sa mga chicks wag masdyong harsh haha 🙂

    twitter Name SiaRozenda

  61. Meryen

    I’d pick Mo Twister, I’d say: “Mo, seriously, you were able to read through the responses and you managed not to make your own comment on the answers? Respect Bro, respect.”

  62. I am Moira, daughter of Motwister. He tried to have me aborted twice. Fortunately I survive. I can’t say the same with 2 of my half bros/sis. Mo is a bad person. He also said he is certain the MVP of PLDT/Smart is ‘gay-ish’. He just can’t come out because he is worried about the reaction of the corporate world especially his benefactors, the Suharto’s of Indonesia.

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